Party Planning: I pretty much believe you can make a theme out of virtually anything. Literally, give me an idea and I can give you at least 5 themed food ideas with how-to tutorials. Whether you are planning a black tie event, a kid's birthday party, or the various other parties I make up simply for an excuse to throw a party (movie parties, off-the-wall holiday parties, random-themed adult dinner parties, etc) I would love to help you with your event. Check out the blog below for party inspiration - or feel free to contact me with any specific party planning ideas/questions.

Book winners are: Marcie Graves, Pat Sloane, Suzy Krumroy, L. Jackson, Jenn Hudson, G. Holmes, Maci Endicott, Jenn Palmer, Kristy K., Sarah Giles, S. Windser, Gail Hughes, Chris Pentlin, Sandy Lawson, Becca W., Elaine Metzger, C. P. Wright, B. Christovsky, Jenn Jenkins, and A. Crowley.

Gift card winners are: Annah Gayle, Christine Boyle, Bri Henke, Alexandria Whitt, and Kelly Bull!

Congrats to everyone! Check back often for more contest announcements! :)

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All winners have been chosen! Whoo whoo! Thank you SO much to everyone who took the time to enter this contest! (And yes, don't worry - if you didn't win this time around, there will be MORE contests! :)


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Hello! Welcome to my site. I am a romance author and a party addict - I know, those two things don't exactly go together, but I started this site so I could focus on both of those and help other people in either area. [Then there is my love of DIY projects, so I'll be throwing in a few of those as well, thanks to my healthy Pinterest addiction and misperceived ability to pull off everything I see on the internet.] Plus I have an adorable pet pig named Kevin Bacon - so he occasionally makes an appearance as well.

So here's what I'm offering: are you in need of some party planning themes/ideas/meus/advice?  How about book editing/beta reading/book reviews? Want to know more about what it's really like to own a house pig? You've come to the right place. :)