Randileigh Kennedy


Hello! Thanks for checking out my site! A little bit about me - I was born and raised in Nevada, and now I reside in the Midwest. I have had many eclectic experiences - from being a pig farmer, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, a radio DJ, a world traveler, an expert at Monopoly,  a party addict, a hypochondriac who overuses WebMD, a wife, a mother, a book editor - and the list continues to grow.

What's the purpose of this website you ask? (It's okay, I ask myself that sometimes too! :) Ultimately my goal is to help other people with my same hobbies.

There are so many great self-published books on Amazon, but sometimes the stories get swallowed up by authors who are in need of some editing help. I often see their notes on author forums saying "as long as the story is good, no one cares!" However, I respectfully disagree. Poor editing can completely ruin my love for a book, no matter how compelling the story. So if I can be of any help to you with your book, I would love to contribute, even if it's just beta reading for you.

Other than writing, party planning is my absolute favorite hobby. Whether you need theme ideas, food ideas, budget tips, easy recipes, etc, please contact me with any questions or ideas you have.